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Read on to learn about the Geology of the area around our school in Uganda, Africa.

Special thanks to Sr. Irene Cullen for the pictures!


Most of Africa is a series of stable, ancient plateau surfaces, low in the north and west and higher (rising to more than 6,000 ft/1,830 m) in the south and east. The plateau is composed mainly of metamorphic rock that has been overlaid in places by sedimentary rock.Schist is a fault in weak sedimentary rock.Granite an igneous rock flows into those cracks. Gneiss rocks are also present. These rocks may have been granite, but heat and pressure changed them.The mineral grains in the rock were flattened through tremendous heat and pressure and are arranged in alternating patterns.

Here is a good site with animations and photos. It is made for children of 4th grade on to read: Rock Hounds

Sr. Irene Cullen says that, "The Masaka area of Uganda where our school is built is partly swamp, vegetation and savannah".Ugandan temperature varies little throughout the year, The climate is typical of countries at the equator but the temperature is cooled a bit by the altitude. Rainfall is greatest bordering Lake Victoria.

Some of our Geological information was gathered from this site: Geology and Geography

Note that much of the work is done by hand. The men are bringing up the loose dirt and rocks from the bottom of the pit by passing it from one person to another. They have a small bulldozer to level the dirt and rocks.

One of the supports for the columns.The support beams are made on the ground and lifted by the men into a cement base structure.




Map: Living Encyclopedia for Uganda


Masaka, where our school is located, is close to Lake Victoria. The Lake Victoria area is in between two rifts in the earth's crust. The whole area is on a plate that is heading east. Madagascar has already been separated from the continent of Africa this way. This process takes millions of years, so don't worry our new school is not going into a new ocean any time soon. See:African Geology

The cement is being smoothed for the foundation.

The bricks shown are made by hand by the men with the money raised from the students.

Here the classrooms are taking shape.

This is our new school!

The African Bishops have spoken out forcefully for the women of our continent. They are convinced that "to educate a woman is to educate a people."

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